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Randolph-Macon Sports Information

Ticket Information

Phil Stanton, Sports Information Director

(804) 752-7387 

Contact: Football, Women’s Soccer, Men's Basketball, Men’s/Women’s Swimming, Women's Lacrosse, Men’s/Women’s Golf, Baseball


Taylor Mickelberry, Assistant Sports Information Director

(804) 752-3278

Contact: Volleyball, Men's Soccer, Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Softball, Men's Lacrosse, Men's/Women's Tennis



Fall Rosters

Field Hockey   '17 StatCrew      Word

Football '16 StatCrew  Word

Men’s Soccer '17 StatCrew  Word

Women’s Soccer '16 StatCrew  Word

Volleyball   '17 StatCrew   '17 Word

Winter Rosters

Men’s Basketball ’17-18 StatCrew  Word 

Men’s Swimming ’16-17 Word

Women’s Basketball   17-18 StatCrew   17-18 Word

Women’s Swimming ’16-17 Word

Spring Rosters

Baseball '17 StatCrew .tro .trx  Word

Men’s Lacrosse '17 StatCrew  Word

Men’s Tennis '16-17 StatCrew  Word

Men’s Golf '16-17 StatCrew  Word

Softball '17 StatCrew .tro .trx  Word

Women’s Lacrosse '17 StatCrew  Word

Women’s Tennis '16-17 StatCrew  Word

Women’s Golf '16-17 StatCrew  Word