Yellow Jacket Club Releases 2014 Tailgating Reservation Timeline

The Yellow Jacket Club is excited to announce that the tailgating reservation timeline has been set for the 2014 football season. 

The tailgating reservation process will begin on Monday, May 19 when donors of $1,500 or more to the athletics department and Athletic Corporate Sponsors will be able to purchase either a season or single game tailgating space.  

Over the next three months, the tailgating process will progressively open to additional Yellow Jacket Club donors until it finally opens up to all Randolph-Macon football fans on August 25.  All tailgating spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis to the individuals that qualify within each registration tier.  The full tailgating reservation timeline is listed below.

2014 Football Tailgating Reservation Timeline
*All donations based on contributions made to R-MC since July 1, 2013*

  • May 19        Tier 1 – Yellow Jacket Club President Society Donors ($1,500 +)
  •                                  Athletic Corporate Sponsors
  • June 2         Tier 2 – $1,499-1,000 Yellow Jacket Club Donors
  • June 16       Tier 3 – 2013-14 Yellow Jacket Club donors of $250-999
                                     All President Society Members
  • July 7           Tier 4 – 2013-14 Yellow Jacket Club donors of $100-249
  • July 21         Tier 5 – 2013-14 Yellow Jacket Club donors of $1-99
  • July 28         Tier 6 – Parents of current football players
  • August 4      Tier 7 – 2013-14 Donors to the College
  • August 18    Tier 8 – All Randolph-Macon alumni
  • August 25    Tier 9 – All Randolph-Macon football fans

If you have any questions about the tailgating reservation process, please contact Ellen Stack, Director of Advancement Services, at or (804) 752-3238. 

If you have any questions about making a gift to the Yellow Jacket Club or increasing your giving to qualify for a higher reservation tier, please contact Myra Legg, Director of Development, at or (804) 752-8502.