New Athlete Pre-Participation Checklist

To download this checklist [click here]

If you have problems or questions, contact Heather Bauby, R-MC Head Athletic Trainer, at .

In order to compete in varsity athletics at R-MC you must complete the following items BEFORE AUGUST 1: (please allow athlete to complete these forms, not the parent)

Complete your Randolph-Macon College Student Health History Record that is part of your Admissions Packet and return the ORIGINAL to the R-MC STUDENT HEALTH CENTER and a COPY OF PAGE #4 to ATHLETIC TRAINING. Make sure to fill out the section for NCAA athletes that includes verifying your sickle cell status.

 Mail or Email or fax the COPY to :

Randolph-Macon College
Athletic Training Department                    or             or            804-412-1363
103 E. Patrick St.
Ashland, VA 23005             

Login to ATS at the following link:

  Initially to sign in use “new” as your athlete ID, “new” as your password, and ATSRMC as the database.  Once you are in the portal, fill out all required fields and click save. Be sure to create a new ID (please use your student ID if you know it) and new Password.  Additional tabs will become available and you will need to fill out information under the following sections:
  • Contacts
  • Athlete Forms
    • Under athlete forms use the dropdown menu to select each form. You must complete all forms. The forms include:
      • HIPAA
      • NCAA Video Sample
      • Permission to treat/Acceptance of risk
      • Pre-Participation
      • Insurance Statement

Make sure you save each section and wait for the save to complete.

*when signing in the box use your mouse to draw out your name, then type your name in the text box, then click save

If you are currently prescribed ADD/ADHD medications for a diagnosed condition you must have your prescribing physician fill out the following form, this form MUST have attached documentation as indicated on the form.  Return form to the above listed address.