In an effort to secure nominations for Randolph-Macon College Athletic Hall of Fame inductees, we would like to ask you to complete this form with the name of a candidate you would like to recommend to the committee which will have the responsibility of selecting the inductees.

Eligibility Requirements

The Nominee shall:
1. Have been a full-time student or coach at Randolph-Macon for at least two years and
2. Have been a letterwinner in at least one varsity sport at the College and
3. Have had at least ten years elapse since graduation (or R-MC attendance) before being considered for the award.

Once presented as an eligible nominee, an unsuccessful candidate shall automatically be reconsidered annually until he/she has been considered five consecutive calendar years. Thereafter, renomination may occur at any time.

Name of Nominee and Class Yr.

Name, home address, home phone, and e-mail address of person submitting:

Please list your reasons for recommending your nominee under each of the criteria for selection.

Name of nominee and class year, if appropriate:

1. Achievement and/or leadership in sports competition as evidenced by:

a) Post-season honors, such as all-american, all-state, etc.
b) Holding position of team captain;
c) Record-setting performance

2. Participation in several sports at the varsity level

3. Postgraduate achievement in sports evidenced by:
a) Outstanding amateur performance in a sport;
b) Achievement in the coaching and/or training of athletes;
c) Achievement in other sports-related areas, such as sports journalism

4. General contributions to society as evidenced by leadership in:
a) Community affairs;
b) Professional affairs;
c) Church affairs;
d) Loyalty to Alma Mater

Additional comments

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