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Kelsey Wisner's Blog From Day 1 in Las Vegas


Plane at tarmac Our first day started early – 3am early and with the time change, day one felt about 27 hours long instead of 24. We flew out of D.C. and in typical D.C. fashion, Ronald Reagan airport was populated with people rushing around, even at 5am, to get to their gates. With our flight leaving at around 9am, we grew more and more anxious to start our journey out West. For many of us, this was our first timeFlight Over DC out towards the Pacific Ocean. Although we were not looking forward to a long 5-hour flight, we were about to take in the beauty the rest of the country had to offer.  






Flight over American Heartland






With our early arrival, we were able to see the sunrise, but as we passed over the Grand Canyon in Arizona, it was too Rockies cloudy for us to see *sigh*. However, we were able to take in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.






Las Vegas Landing Vegas is one of the strangest, yet coolest cities I have ever been to. Situated between mountain ranges and nothingness, hotels 40+ stories high dominate the skyline with gaudy signage and decorations hovering even higher, hiding the mountain ranges. Traveling to our practice outside of the city, tall buildings are traded in for desert and mountain ranges within 15 minutes of leaving Vegas. Strange. To get an idea of how over-the-top and unique this place is, here are a few pictures from the hotel we are staying at, The Paris Hotel.Paris Resort outside

The hotel is really more of a Paris inspired casino/restaurant/shopping mall that just happens to have hotel rooms above it. Casinos dominate the insides of every single hotel, but more on that later! Here is a glimpse into our Paris inspired hotel.



                                                  Paris Ceiling




Kelsey will continue to blog in Las Vegas throughout the week. Check out her blog at!